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G’day folks its Tony hear from the video
marketing group now the reason why I’m
making this video is basically it’s
about video SEO expert
ok I’m i have been running the video
marketing group since I think it’s been
October september-october last year and
of course i have a lot of members now
and a lot of people are interested in
how to improve the rankings of the video
in both YouTube and Google obviously a
lot of guys or local marketers and
they’re trying to get these videos racks
well I’m understanding this and
obviously trying to write my own videos
i have put together a very very large
collection of video SEO services
ok gigs for you know improving the
rankings of videos or boosting a website
up in the Serbs are or even boosting I
local google business map now I’m just
let me share my screen with you here
so here’s a video marketing group
ok and as you can see I’ve got you know
eight members and got some very
very big ser guys in here some faces you
recommend obviously i’m not going to
scroll through the whole list but
there’s some very big guys and here
obviously jumping in from time to time
and helping answering questions but this
is a very very strong community and
obviously it’s all about video marketing
you know making videos video production
ranking videos all that kind of thing
ok and obviously this is the group that
i found it
ok so anyway so that’s the video
marketing group and then I put all of my
gigs on concrete used to be called
source market but now it’s called
conquer and as you can see here
reviews and one bad review
ok so if you click on any one of these
gigs you will see that i have I .
seven percent positive writing and
obviously some steps here
I you know there have been a couple of
orders which I didn’t get to him
actually currently here and a strike
Iran are working holiday and over the
christmas break I I didn’t deliver on
time on some of them so that’s why i
have some percentages here but basically
I have a lot of nice specific gigs so
we’ll just go through them and you can
see landscape is plastic surgery
handyman shipping containers you know
foreign language like if you’re doing
German stuff concrete chiropractors auto
detailing accident turning roofing
attorney lawyers kitchen remodeling
I mean there’s a whole heap of gigs here
so no matter what you’re trying to do
I’ve probably or what niche that you’re
I probably have I gig or a service that
can actually help you improve the
ranking of your video boost the website
or the google map
ok so now if there’s a particular niche
that I don’t have then this is the gig
that you would order it’s called the
seven-step video power punch and I’ll
just actually go over the gig
ok so it’s $ and you can order either
a thousand blogs or you can upgrade with
another $ to the , plus and as it
says here this gig is for anyone who
wants to improve the video ranking boost
a map listing power up their parasites
sides or boost the website safely okay
so step one is I’m actually going to
either create an article or do a video
embed on
hi powerful authority tumblr blogs
ok that’s actually the first step and
these are all you know tumblers that
have been hand-picked for the excellent
metrics and and obviously have a good
back linking profile
the next step is that I’m going to and
this is primarily for youtube videos I’m
going to take the YouTube URL and also
include a link back to your channel or
the playlist and i’m going to embed that
on PBS okay and these pbn Tsar
basically made up of high quality ho
minds that are all socially connected
through all the different ifttt networks
like each actual pbn has its own ifttt
network and as it says here there’s a
large geographical spread for IP
ok so I’m and because of the I’ve Tina
works you also get a lot more in beds
and good quality social backlinks now
I’m once I’ve done that now I’m going to
take your keywords and i’m going to put
those keywords into spin tax and now i’m
going to create what’s called the Tier
one campaign normally you’ll get
somewhere between three to five hundred
links on a tier-one campaign
ok so I’m if you’re I roofing contractor
and you know your video title is you
know roofing contractor and whatever the
city is then I get the idea that that’s
kind of like the main keyword that you
going after so I’m going I’m going to
take my roofing contractor blogs and i’m
going to use your keywords i’m going to
link out to your video out to your
website and i’m probably going to weigh
their own bed the video or embed the
playlist or embed your google business
map and i’m going to create a tier-one
campaign all right now just let me show
you what i mean by that

as you can see here this is the money
site so i always do three links so if
you give me two URLs like say video URL
and a website URL
well then each blog post is going to
have three links one or two will go to
the video once the website or the other
way around
ok and this and in this blog module here
there might be or blogs and this
one – in this and so on
ok I’m and so these blogs are all
linking directly to the money site or to
the URLs that you’ve provided and of
course there’s all these social shares
and Mike’s ok so that’s called the Tier
one campaign i’m just going to move this
over here and so what I’m going to do
after that is I’m going to take that
batch let’s say it’s tier links
I’m now going to create approximately
twenty campaigns and i’m going to create
batches of links so in other words
all these tier links i’m going to
break them into batches of and
then i’m going to back link all of those
tier links and i’m going to use that
will do that with this diagram here so
now here the money site becomes the tier
ok and then there’s to blogs and
here which would like the tier two and
then there’s to blogs and here
which is the tr-b linking to the tier
and so on
ok and this is obviously tr but of
course i’m doing campaigns so and i’m
going to be doing campaigns across the
niche so for example let me just
grab a gig here now we said before
I’ll just get rid of
these things in the background there we
go come on roofing gig
ok so he is all of the blog categories
ok so now i’m going to do with campaign
using metal roofing blogs and these
metal roofing blogs are going to link
back to the first batch of tier links
and i’m going to do wrote residential
roofing like take those residential
roofing blogs and they’re going to link
back to the second batch of tier links
and i’m going to do that throughout like
roof replacement
ok so each one of these categories have
blogs the theme for that category so if
i go over to here you can see all the
blog categories and the number of blogs
in each category so for example if i
went to a roofing contractor
ok so
you know maybe the first one the tier
was roofing contractors so now we’ve got
the category roofing company so if
there’s blogs all theme for a
roofing company and so these roofing
company blogs are going to link to you
know the tier links same with recent
roofing estimates roofing prices roofing
services and basically all the different
categories to do with roofing ok roof
coatings roof cleaning you know so I’m
you know your tier links and now we’re
going to be back linked from blogs
across your niche and these are this is
very important because these are
obviously all relevant to the niche so
if you’ve got blogs about you know
residential roofing and they’re linking
to some two tier links which are on
blogs all to do with roofing company
will obviously it’s relevant and this is
what Google’s looking for that don’t
want to see links coming from a flower
shop or a bicycle shop linking to a
roofing blog or roofing website so all
of this is relevant that’s why these
gigs are very very powerful
okay then what’s gonna happen is that
these gigs are going to be sent to a
proprietary indexing system which
actually uses the google webmaster
submit tool so not every link is going
to be indexed but you don’t want all the
links to be index because that actually
wouldn’t be natural but just because it
isn’t index doesn’t mean that Google
can’t see it
ok and then what I’m going to do is I’m
going to put everything into a Google
Drive folder so you’re going to see you
know before and after shots from
majestic like here’s the here’s the
video metrix before i started is the
metric since i started
ok maybe I should give you an example of
I’ll just go
into my Google Drive folder
wrong folder your guy still the wrong
folder maybe this one
yeah there we go ok so this
this one so here’s an order that i did
so PB ends so you can see here’s the
PN’s and this is the metrics before i
started and here’s the metrics since i
started okay or since I finished rather
let’s have a look at another one
just looking for
a gig that I’ve done recently like one
of the bigs and as you can see I’ve got
a lot of different clients here and
actually let’s let me go into here
manage sales completed
ok so let’s have a look at this one
here’s the PN’s so I PB ends is the
metrics before i started his the metrics
after i finished okay and so I show the
PBS don’t show the actual PN’s but I
obviously give you some idea that you
know the works been done and he is all
the links so here is all the tier
links that i created
ok so that there was you know
links and then here’s all the tier two
links actually linking to the tier
links and of course you can click on any
one of these but when i send you the
links i actually take away the ability
to you know copy and download because i
don’t want people spamming these links
so i don’t want them like hitting them
with GSA or anything like that
all right now so anyway so in summary
are and here’s another important point
is that when i do the i’m actually
using a mix of ninety percent Jack
generic anchor text that’s completely
ok I’m not over optimizing now so what
you’re getting is getting powerful in
beds on high authority tumblers and PBS
and have trust flow citation flow and
domain authority then you’re getting em
beds on each at and nice relevant
backlinks on web two point I which you
know a role good quality word to point I
recognize and indexed by Google and of
course those links a tiered the social
shares there’s like those views and of
course then I provide a report are in a
Google Drive folder to show you that the
work is all being done
ok so you know a lot of these gigs as it
says here this gig is amazing out video
want from than you to number one in a
two-day period
we’ll be using again without a doubt you
know so i have a lot of success stories
like that of course I’m not perfect as
you can see you know I do have some
negatives I’ve got one negative review
but basically i have five star
reviews and many people are adding my
gigs as their favorite I’m i think the
the second step video power punch i’ll
just go back to that one
now this is had star reviews and of
course not everybody leaves a review
some people just can’t be bothered or
whatever but like this gig has been you
know it’s been favorited by people so
people aren’t going to create a favor if
they didn’t think there was any value in
the service and you know so you know I
put these gigs together to try and help
people you know to obviously rank their
videos you know I I don’t promise to
rank because i’m just working with what
I’ve got
but you know I there’s enough power here
to really improve the ranking of your
video boosts the website google map so I
you can always see all the categories
that i have here you know maybe one of
these big gigs is a bit out of your
price range i do have cheaper gigs and
it’s just a matter of you know going
through and checking all of these out
you know and of course I’m happy to
answer any questions okay so you know
other people will say that there are
video marketing expert but you know they
probably don’t have detailed gigs like I
have here my gigs are primarily designed
for anybody looking to improve their
video ranks
ok and of course i have over million
blogs i’ll just show you that
I’ll just go to one of my accounts I
have three servers with VPS and
that’s how am i able to create so many
blogs and obviously serve many customers
so as you can see i have ,,
sorry ,, , blogs
ok so I definitely have the blog’s
needed to power up pretty much anyone in
any niche and you can see all of the
gigs are here so these these are
primarily local video marketing gigs
ok because these are all niche specific
these are these are basically you’re
, plus gigs so you know you can
always do a search for buy backlinks
video SEO services video expert in fact
i’ll just go into google called need oh
and google encoding sorry
so there
here you see buy backlinks video SEO
services video in beds so you can find
me this way and then you would just
click on this and then you can have a
look at the different blogs and if
you’re into local video marketing then
of course you can click on you know one
of these gig links ok if you’ve got any
questions then you know make sure you
come over and join the video marketing
group and i can add you I don’t add
anybody unless they actually request to
be added or you can always you know
right to me on conquer conquers actually
it’s kind of like a but it’s better and
it’s free to set up an account and you
can always write to me here and I’m
happy to answer any questions
so anyway I’m pretty sure I’ve covered
everything that I do you know if you
just after some basic boosting maybe you
want to you know give your channel boost
I mean I’ve got all sorts of different
gigs maybe you’re doing the Meo maybe
you’re working in you know different
foreign languages
I’ve got all sorts of things and of
course i’m adding to them all the time
so anyway I’m going to just drop this
down a little bit and
I’ll stop stop share and that should
come back to me
yeah so anyway so of course you know i
could say yes I my video SEO expert but
I think if you you know look at what I
just put together and shown you the
different gig shown you the video
marketing group
I’m you know you can decide yourself if
you know if you you know you can decide
whether you think I know what I’m doing
when it comes to improving the ranking
of the video
ok now if you do have any questions
please feel free to leave a comment
below and i will get back to you if you
found this video helpful and useful of
course give it a light give it a share
and you know go to the links i’m
actually building out the SEO video website that you can also check
out the video marketing Goodall come
over and join the group
ok anyway have a great day and thanks
for watching my video.

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